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We’re excited to announce that Montie Brewer, Matias Woloski, and Manu Ginobili have joined the company as new investors. 

Montie Brewer is an experienced executive in the Aviation industry, former President & CEO of Air Canada, and a Board Member of Allegiant and Finnair. Matías Woloski is a successful entrepreneur, co-founder, and CTO of unicorn Auth0 and Manu Ginobili is a four-time NBA champion, Hall of Fame, and Olympic Medallist. 

“When I first heard about TravelX, I was thrilled for two reasons: first, as a regular traveler, TravelX will address a lot of the issues I experience as a user and second, it’s wonderful to see an application of blockchain technology that is actually useful.”

Matías Woloski

“The TravelX team has a realistic chance to give the airline ticket industry a much needed overhaul making it more transparent and straightforward. Happy to join their efforts.”

Manu Ginobili

We also extend our sincere gratitude to our investors for their continued support and follow-on investments in our recent $5M pre-series A round, led by Borderless Capital, at a $100M valuation.

This is an exciting time for our company, and we are eager to see how we will work together to create a better travel industry.

Let’s reimagine travel, together!