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We are extremely proud and excited to announce that NFTickets are finally LIVE and as of today can be purchased, re sold, transferred, gifted or auctioned by anyone! 

The NFTicket is the natural evolution of the e-ticket, but filled with more benefits for both users and airlines, making the travel experience frictionless and easier. This is a huge step in the industry, aligned with our mission to make it better for everyone in the travel ecosystem, and this is just the beginning! 

“Could not be more proud of what we have achieved as a team in such a short period of time. Blockchain technology is enabling a paradigm shift in the travel industry, aligning the different stakeholders’ interests. Travelers will gain more flexibility and a better experience and airlines will improve their distribution and retailing capabilities while increasing their revenues and profits” Juan Pablo Lafosse (CEO)

NFTickets are now available through Travel•XYZ platform and can be purchased via Binance Pay or by founding your wallet directly. More flights, airlines and payment methods are coming very soon. 

A new era is about to take off, let’s reimagine travel together!